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Tuscany Farmhouse


About us

We are in the municipality of Talla in Casentino (Arezzo), on the slopes of the Pratomagno.

The Mill is a welcoming and familiar place, ideal for spending time in intimacy with your loved ones. The rich vegetation protects our property and wraps it in an fairy atmosphere and protecting itself from any form of pollution.

We are surrounded by a rich variety of plants and centuries-old trees, streams and evocative waterfalls, one of which is 10 meters high. Earth and water, sun and shade alternate harmoniously, running space and time.

Our farm is a unique and idyllic place, suspended between past and present. Natural pools, wild flowers that color the air, rocks that give you the impression to live in a amusing place.

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The dominant presence of the four natural elements
characterizes our place and makes it unique.


The power of the waterfalls, the roar of the streams, the clarity of the pools combine the relax and set your spirit free from new energy.


The dense vegetation of the woods purifies and refreshes the air allowing the sky to shine in all its clarity..


The warm welcome, the sense of family, the feel of love, are found in the lively flame of the the fireplaces, in the warm colors of our rooms, in the smell of a freshly baked cake.


Your eyes will be filled with all the shades of green and brown colors of secular old threes and meadows.

This will be the enchanting background of your stay.

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