Tuscany Farmhouse



Our entire place is designed for your relaxation.

Our garden offers swings and comfortable beds for those who want to read a good book or rest under the sun. For those who love to lull themselves under the trees, our hammocks are ideal.

The veranda has a large table, sofas and a fireplace where you can prepare a BBQ for the whole party.

For those who want to take a refreshing bath or swim there are our pools and bio-pools. Natural pools, purified solely by vegetation, are formed from the waterfalls of the Capraia stream and under their jet it is possible to enjoy a fantastic cervical massage.

Are you ready? This place will make you fall in love

I want to fall in love


The beneficial effect of the “good ions” released by water jet it is well known, with the property to restore the inner balance and thus improve the quality of sleep, mood, appetite, as well as physical recovery.

In addition to these, we have a pool which is also the mill’s enclosure, we do have another pool more suitable for children.

Those who want to treat themselves to something extra can use the hot thub.

In the moonlight the garden and the pools become an enchanted place, wrapped in silence of nature and illuminated by a dense network of stars.